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Battery Controller Modules (IBPS)

IBPS (Intelligent Battery and Power System) battery controller modules units manage and perform all critical smart battery pack functions: charge, discharge, software monitoring and safety. In addition, they combine multiple smart packs into battery clusters for increased power output and capacity.

The BC1022 is a tiny backplane design for adding safe and reliable Lithium Ion battery power to a new or existing platform. The controller's small footprint and extensive battery monitoring capability gives system designers the perfect solution for adding 1 or 2 smart battery packs to embedded computer systems, instruments and electronics. The BB-04xx Series controllers offer support for a maximum of four smart battery packs. The BB-04xx support the DC-123SR converter for regulated power output for -12V,12V,5V & 3.3V with ATX signaling for easy integration into your system designs.

The MP-xx and XP-xx are building blocks to create large systems between 1-128 battery packs in a cluster. The MP/XP-04/08xx controllers also support higher currents, charging from solar panels, high voltage output DC-DC converters (DC1U-1V, DC2U-1V) as well as the DC-123SR for high efficiency DC outputs.

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